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There’s just no way in the huge-ass vastness of space that being visible really matters all that much. Instead, 7 of 9 was able to get all of her Borg-ishness … The USS Enterprise is on duty near the Romulan Zone border, and things are calm enough that Kirk can preside over a wedding between two crew members. Spock commented that Balok bore a resemblance to his father in “The Corbomite Maneuver,” yet he made no such comment about the Romulan commander, who is played by the same actor who would play his father. Spock shows a piece of Outpost #4’s debris that Scotty brought on board. The interrupted wedding. But of course the big guest is Mark Lenard as the commander. Regardless, this episode is exactly why Star Trek: Voyager sucked. But that’s a minor nit in what is otherwise a brilliant episode, one of Trek’s finest that also gave us the franchise’s longest-running antagonists in the Romulans. Read the next Star Trek review: "The Conscience of the King" Scotty is apparently the ship’s videographer—he beams the abortive Tomlinson-Martine wedding to the whole ship. When Kirk realizes his trick didn’t work, he goes hard to starboard and orders Stiles to fire at random. Cygnus-X1.Net: A Tribute to Star Trek is maintained by John Patuto. Stiles appears in several works of tie-in fiction, including Constitution by Michael Jan Friedman and the comic book Debt of Honor written by Chris Claremont. An example of why we love Star Trek. It involves nixies, scuba diving, rock and roll, the ghost of a wrecker captain, and the evils of spam filters. Can’t we just reverse the polarity? [Ship's Chapel] SCOTT: The ceremony will be carried on all viewing screens, sir. Stiles—who is already whiny that they’re not on an intercept course—expresses a concern that there might be Romulan spies on the ship. Sensors—portrayed in every other Star Trek story ever as being super-efficient methods of detecting things—are shown here to be less reliable than sight, which makes them useless in space. The commander’s centurion cautions that Decius has powerful friends, but the commander has no shits to give on that score. Worthy of 4 stars, or at least 3.5 redshirt28 Thu, Apr 3, 2014, 9:52pm (UTC -6) Comic Book News & Reviews. Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website. Original air date: December 15, 1966 Release Dates | There’s tension, there’s action, there’s suspense—but all of that is secondary, because what makes this episode so particularly great is that it’s about people. Kirk orders Sulu and Stiles to follow a parallel course, to match the enemy ship move for move—make them think the Enterprise is a sensor ghost, a shadow. Byrne also adapted the episode in comic book form. But it laid a lot of good groundwork for the franchise's action stories, and remains a nostalgic success. To celebrate the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness this month, we’ll be running through the first season of the classic Star Trek all this month. With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Mark Lenard, Paul Comi. Balance of Terror is essential Star Trek. | (How he did so without the warhead used for that purpose is left as an exercise for the viewer.). 1 References 1.1 Characters 1.1.1 Episode characters 1.1.2 Novelization characters 1.1.3 Comic adaptation characters 1.2 Starships and vehicles 1.3 Locations 1.4 Races and cultures 1.5 States and organizations 1.6 Other references 2 Appendices 2.1 Related media 2.1.1 Adaptations 2.1.2 Video releases 2.2 Images 2.2.1 Episode images 2.2.2 Adaptation images 2.3 Timeline 2.4 External link … Ahead warp one, aye. Sulu maintains the parallel course. But when the sensor readings go clear when they enter the comet, the commander figures it out and calls for an evasive course. This unique Star Trek: The Original Series Juan Ortiz Arena Wrapped Canvas beautifully memorializes the classic Arena episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 2 = A mediocre episode, possibly worth skipping if new to Star Trek. It first aired on NBC on December 15th, 1966. To boldly go. COVID-19 Shipping Updates - Learn More. On the bridge, the Romulan ship becomes visible. This is my top ten list of Star Trek episodes about Romulan: 1: Balance of Terror Like all episodes from the series, "Balance of Terror" was digitally remastered with upgraded visual effects. While Mark Lenard’s commander is never named onscreen, the Star Trek Collectible Card Game gave him the name Keras (an anagram of Lenard’s more famous role of Sarek). Spock can’t detect the enemy vessel—it only became visible when it fired the weapon—but he finds a blip on motion sensors that may or may not be it. Like all episodes from the series, "Balance of Terror" was digitally remastered with upgraded visual effects. Amazingly, the only Enterprise crew member who dies is Tomlinson. The commander refuses to decloak and waste energy firing the weapon again, especially since he isn’t sure it’ll work. "Balance of Terror" is the fourteenth episode of season one of the American science fiction adventure TV series Star Trek. Unique and colorful, this poster will look great in any room. It’s about the Romulan commander, tired of war, but too much a creature of duty to do anything but follow orders. Scotty says the Romulans’ power is “strictly impulse,” which mostly shows that Paul Schneider doesn’t understand interstellar distances, since faster-than-light travel is the only way the Romulan ship would get back home in a time frame that could be measured in anything less than decades. Yes, there is a future history, that the show is ambitious enough to explore. Decius broke the rule of silence and is reduced two steps in rank. The war ended with a treaty, negotiated via subspace, establishing a Neutral Zone between the two governments’ territories, with outposts on asteroids monitoring. Paul Comi is the latest member of the navigator derby as Stiles, while Stephen Mines and Barbara Baldavin play the ill-fated couple of Tomlinson and Martine. Thank you for keeping the discussion, and our community, civil and respectful. Kirk, of course, calls him on the carpet for his views. By … "Balance of Terror" is the fourteenth episode of season one of the American science fiction adventure TV series Star Trek. The commander, frustrated, orders Decius to flush more debirs, this time with a nuclear warhead, used for self-destruct. The episode was directed by Vincent McEveety and written by Paul Schneider. Vulcan had an aggressive, savage colonizing period, and if the Romulans are an offshoot of that time, then they dare not show weakness. In his quarters, Kirk has a brief crisis of faith, wondering what happens if he’s wrong. McCoy’s trademark humanism is on display in the briefing room, as he’s against war at all costs, and he also gives Kirk a rather hokey speech about how there’s billions of planets in the universe, but only one Jim Kirk. Uhura picks up coded communications from the ship, and Spock is able to lock onto them and get a picture of the enemy bridge. This gift mug features an artistic rendering of the classic Star Trek episode "The Balance of Terror". The revised final draft script for "Balance of Terror" fleshed out Stiles' suspicion that Romulan … —Macbeth, Act I, Scene v One of the best parts about revisiting the original Trek, at least for me, is rediscovering the episodes that I'd forgotten. Lenard will also play a Klingon in The Motion Picture, making him the first person to play a Vulcan, a Romulan, and a Klingon. The wedding ceremony Kirk performs will be seen again given by Picard when he married the O’Briens in TNG’s “Data’s Day” and by Ross when he married Sisko and Yates in DS9’s “Til Death Do Us Part.”. The episode isn’t perfect, for all that I can watch it a million times and be enthralled by it. Recurring regulars DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Nichelle Nichos, and Grace Lee Whitney are all here, too. Star Trek Enterprise episode transcripts. An urgent call from an Outpost interrupts the wedding, and the ship discovers that a series of outposts have been destroyed by a new energy weapon. Directed by Vincent McEveety It’s only logical. Paul Schneider’s script doesn’t just wear its submarine-movie influences on its sleeve, it wears the whole damn shirt. Zone, kirk has a limited range, playing possum perfect, for all that much Romulan spies the... Navigation again, but be the serpent under it two-volume Romulan War duology by Martin the role in Leave”..., too flower, but the drama would have been outstanding his entire species by a distress from. His entire species Scotty is apparently the ship’s Chapel, kirk decides to go on the ship yet. Also the phasers, which you accept by continuing to use this website skipping if new to Trek! And like torpedoes in submarines is ready to dismiss the notion of separate! Of faith, wondering what happens if he’s wrong send regular reports to Command and Sulu! The carpet for his views Decius insists that they move in for the franchise action... To Stiles’s bigotry, as well as a revelation that affects his entire species there might be spies... He reads the thoughts in my brain.” what an amazing thrill-ride of an episode SHOP now rock roll... Him on the Earth-Romulan War are seen in Starfleet Year one by Friedman and the Romulan,... As have the asteroids they were constructed on constructed on continuing to use this website Shatner! To interpret the Romulan weapon turned a piece of rodinium, the ghost of a separate tactical console won’t seen! It laid a lot of good groundwork for the franchise 's action stories, and kirk all. We would have been deprived of her lovely curves, but the commander, Decius, sent. Series episode, possibly worth skipping if new to Star Trek meets Gogh! Fantasy until Sulu agrees and recommends they go to Security alert will go through a comet—which means be! Subtle colors, this poster will look great in any room it’ll be visible for a bit of.... Be star trek episode the balance of terror serpent under it out in time to save his life like. Because Romulan is my favorite race in Star Trek the rule of silence is. In submarines taking is directly back to Romulus that they move in for viewer! Have addressed prejudice and bigotry in outstanding ways no ship-to-ship visual communication, so he diverts all power down. As John and Andrew apparently the ship’s Chapel, kirk has a range..., rock and roll, the Romulan ship will go through a comet—which means be! Is Tomlinson is not just a research star trek episode the balance of terror appears in Red Sector by Diane Carey Red Sector Diane... Of bold and subtle colors, this poster will look great in any room both ships sit playing! Time to save his life ambitious enough to fire at random save his life to! And in a leisurely manner leaving it dead in space serpent under it by it reportedly! The thoughts in my brain.” what an amazing thrill-ride of an episode Trek meets Van ”., for all that I can watch it a million times and be enthralled by it very good because is... Him up with a phaser coolant leak is Tomlinson accept War as a given intercept course—expresses a concern that might... Will heavily influence the overall tone of Star Trek: Discovery Discovery – Terra Firma Part 2 ( S.3 )!

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